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Xi’an Huaheng Instrument Co., Ltd., located in Xi'an National Hi-Tech Enter Prises Accelerator , is a manufacturer and supplier committed to the research and production of intelligent pressure transmitter, level transmitter, flow meter and HART Communicator.
The company owns a technical team that engaged in automation systems design, installation for several years. Nowadays, the company relies on its research strengths to provide with advanced technology, reliable automation products and dedicated after-sale service.
We mainly engaged in five categories products. Pressure parts : pressure transmitter, pressure gauge. Temperature parts: temperature transmitter, temperature gauge. Flow parts: Mass Flowmeter Vortex Flowmeter and Electromagnetic Flowmeter.These products are widely used in electricity, water, food & beverage, petroleum, petrochemical, coal, chemical, metallurgy industries.
The company adheres to the principle "people-oriented, technology advanced, quality first, integrity and pragmatic" to supply customers with the reliable k type thermocouple

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