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Bio: Custom Best Cheap 600D Polyester Surf Fishing Tackle Binder Bags For Sale
1.Product Information Of Fishing Tackle Bags
Item No.Fishing Tackle Bag
Material600D+210D+Rubber Slip or according to buyer's requirements
ColorAs per customer required
Features1) Attractive looking and many uses ,and best designs for fishing
2) carry 4 plastic boxes as tackle bag. on both sides
3) A large front pocket and a upper pocket with zipper,two side pockets
4) plus carry handles and padded shoulder strap.
CustomizedOEM & ODM are welcomed
2.Our Service For Fishing Tackle Bag
1.competitive price of fishing tackle bags always offered
2.customize hot selling new design bag.OEM or ODM is welcome.
3.customers advised design pattern,logo,printing,size and color are welcome.
4.we can make sample according to your rough design drawing.
5. we can make design according to your sample ,then remake sample.
6. make mass production of fishing tackle bag after your confirm the sample. and quick delivery and best after-sale service.china Fishing Bags manufacturers

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