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Bio: Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×20
In-Line 10×20 Truss Trade Show Booth
Lightweight Square Truss assembles
in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer
9.80ft 2987mm Overall Width
20.00ft 6096mm Overall Length
10.47ft 3191mm Overall Height
11 7/16″ 290mm Overall Truss Width
2″ 50mm Outer Diameter Tubing
3/4″ 20mm Diagonal Bracing
0.08″ 2mm Wall Thickness
Approximate Weight – 458 Lbs.
Connecting Hardware Included
Aluminum Brush Finish
Q1.How long is the delivery deadline?
In nomal condition,3--15 days after deposit payment is done.
Q2. What is the packaging specification?
Carton , wooden case or Aluminum case with wheels, and do waterproof processing.
Q3.How to transport?
Sea/air transport or express or our own transportation( in domestic )
Q4.For custom products,how do you confirm the price?
Specific product price would be confirmed by the size & complexity & material of the products.
If you are interested in our products, or would like to join us, welcome to contact us.
Rapid Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
Add: 107 Xigang West Road, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Contacts: Gu Gavin
Tel: 86-510-83798826
Phone: 86-13806182821
E-mail: sales2@rapidaluminum.com

China Aluminum Truss Display suppliers

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